Cadex C7400 Batteri Analyzer 4 kanaler

The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzers offer a platform that fulfills virtually all battery testing and conditioning needs. With features such as QuickSort™ that checks lithium-ion batteries in 30 seconds, and Boost that revives dead packs, the C7x00 truly masters battery testing. Slide a battery into one of our 1,500 custom Battery Adapters, or use a Universal Adapter and you will discover why the C7x00 has become the world’s leading battery analyzer.

  • Over 1,500 custom SnapLock™ Battery Adapters available
  • 18 programs provide automated battery testing
  • QuickSort™ tests lithium-ion batteries in 30 seconds
  • Boost™ restores batteries that have been discharged too low
  • Operates as standalone or with BatteryShop™ software

The C7x00 Series is covered by US patent 7,072,871: Fuzzy logic
method and apparatus for battery state of health determination.


The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzers are more than programmable power supplies to charge and discharge batteries; they assess the condition of a battery and provide intelligence to safely service them. Protected algorithms with redundant safety features identify a faulty battery and terminate the service with message when so needed.

The green light on the charger does not reflect battery performance. “Ready” simply indicates that the battery is fully charged.

A battery should be replaced when the capacity drops to 70–80%. Most users are unaware of capacity fade until an unforeseen power loss occurs.  Nor should a battery be replaced too soon. The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzer enables to keep batteries for their optimal life span.

The C7x00 analyzer test batteries by a discharge/charge cycles or a rapid-test function. A full cycle is the most reliable method but it is not practical for large batteries. Rapid-testing is not available for all batteries.


Varenr.: CADEX-C7400
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Cadex C7400 Batteri Analyzer 4 kanaler

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