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Thomas Andersen

Thomas Andersen

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Cadex C7200 Batteritester med 2 kanaler

Professionel tester til Bly, Lithium og Nickel Metal batterier

Cadex C7200 batteritesteren passer til mindre organisationer og forretninger med 40 watt opladningseffekt ved 4 ampere pr. kanal sikrer hurtig service af større batterier. 

Batterispændingsområde 1,2-16V nominelt
Opladning/afladning op til 4A pr. kanal
Maksimal ladningseffekt 40 watt pr. kanal
Maksimal afladningseffekt 35 watt

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Varenr.: CADEX-C7200
Kemi: Flere kemier
Dimensioner (mm): L: 307 H: 90 B: 240
Fabrikat: Cadex
Egnet til: Test 2 kanaler
Vægt (g): 3650
Serie: Test Bly, lithium, nickel
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Cadex C7200 Batteritester med 2 kanaler

  • Cadex C7200 Batteritester med 2 kanaler
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  C7200 C7400 C7400ER
Independent Stations 2 4 4
Battery voltage range 1.2 to 15V 1.2 to 15V 1.2 to 36V (28.8V for nickel-based)
Charge/discharge current 100mA to 4A in 25mA increments 100mA to 4A in 25mA increments 100mA to 6A in 25mA increments (With 6A capable Battery Adapters)
If current is set above 4A (6A), unit automatically scales down to stay within range. Services up to 24Ah batteries.
Maximum charge power 40W per station; 40W total 55W per station; 80W total 75W per station; 170W total
Maximum discharge power 35W per station; 70W total 35W per station; 140W total 75W per station; 200W total
Power management Batteries on a fully loaded system may go on waiting queue. Will resume when demand moderates.
Line voltages 100 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz 1.5A max 100 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz 1.75A max 100 to 120 / 200 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz; 4A max
Chemistries Lithium-ion, nickel-metal-hydride, nickel-cadmium, lead-acid
Charge method Lithium-ion and lead-acid: constant voltage with current limit. Nickel-based: constant current with Reverse Load Charge adjustable from 5-12%. Customized charge methods possible. Automatic full charge detection, safe termination under all conditions. Temperature controlled.
Discharge method Constant discharge current to end-of-discharge voltage threshold.
Battery adapters SnapLock™ system; custom and universal types. Contain C-code that configures analyzer to the correct setting. Each adapter has room for 10 C-codes. Re-programmable possible with menu function. Battery Adapters are equipped with a temperature sensor.
Service programs 18, grouped into Basic, Advanced and Custom programs. Allows manual and automated service.
Security Level 1 - Off, allows full access, no programming restrictions (default)
Level 2 - Low, password protected; allows C-code selection and display options
Level 3 - High, password protected; most programming choices locked
Display 2x40-character LCD, backlit; each station also features RUN, READY, FAIL signal lights.
Power failure recovery Retains the test data on power failure and resumes when power is restored. Time on power failure and resumption is recorded.
Data ports RS-232 or USB interfaces to PC (RS-232 recommended). Label printer for direct connection available.

Full Service
30-40 batteries/hour
Fleet of 80 batteries typical
60-80 batteries/hour
Fleet of 160 batteries typical
60-80 batteries/hour
Fleet of 160 batteries typical
Throughput on full service is based on monthly maintenance. Each analyzer services two battery batches every 24h (day and night run), 20 days per month.

12.1”; 307mm
9,4”; 240mm
3.5”; 90mm
7.1 lb; 3.2 kg

14.4”; 366mm
11.0”; 280mm
3.8”; 97mm
10.05 lb; 4.54 kg

15.4"; 391mm
11.0"; 280mm
4.2"; 107mm
12.1lb; 5.5 kg
Environmental Recommended operating temperature 41F to 95 F; 5C to 35C
Recommended storage temperatures –4F to 159F; -20C to 70C
Firmware Upgradeable with BatteryShop™ over the Internet, flash memory. Lifetime upgrade subscription available.
Approvals Tested and approved by ITS to comply with CSA/UL/CE standards. RoHS and WEEE compliant.
Warranty Cadex warrants the analyzer against defective materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the original purchase date.

* Specifications subject to change